Dad Thomas Perl is being praised for stepping in and taking his daughter to prom.  Tori Perl, who has an autism spectrum disorder couldn’t find an escort in time for prom, so dad came to her rescue.

This New York father never went to his own senior prom in high school but wanted his 17-year-old daughter Tori to experience hers.

“This is the big one before she graduates,” Thomas told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I just wanted her to go and experience this with someone that she will go have a good time with.”

Thomas Perl with his 17-year-old daughter, Tori in the prom (Thomas Perl)

Tori, who is a senior at Batavia High School in New York, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the seventh grade.

“Tori doesn’t have a huge circle of friends. A lot of her friends in grade school bypassed her a long time ago and Tori wanted to stay who she was,” Thomas said.

Tori’s mother, Anna, reportedly asked 3 different boys to escort her daughter to prom; two said no, and one did not respond. Then, Thomas decided that the best man to take Tori to prom was him.

“I said, ‘If they let me, I have my own tuxedo, why don’t I escort her to the prom? We’ll know she get there safe and she loves spending time with me,’” Thomas told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Dates over 20 are usually not allowed to prom, but Batavia High School made an exception when Tori asked the assistant principal if she could take her father as her escort.

Tori looked so beautiful. (Brian Quinn/ Batavia Daily News)

“We got some looks when we walked in. Everyone is like, ‘Who is the old guy walking in with Tori?’” Thomas recalled. “But, these kids walked up to Tori and said she looked beautiful.”

Thomas may not be the only father to do something like this for his daughter, but he hopes their story can be an inspiration for other people.

“I hope stories like this can change the world,” Thomas said. “There’s nothing that can stop these kids from doing what they want to do.”

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