“I’ve always wanted a daughter, and this is just amazing,” Marc Hadden said.

Firefighter from South Carolina, Marc Hadden, responded to an emergency call. He never believed that he was going to assist in the delivery a baby girl who would eventually become his daughter.

Marc and Gracie at the Myrtle Beach Fire Station when she was 2 months old. (Middle Child Photography)

“I will never forget that day. It was a day when a lot of things came full circle.”

With two sons, Will and Parker, Marc and Beth Hadden were blessed. The couple in South Carolina desperately wanted another baby, but they were told by doctors that they could not conceive another child.

The couple knew that adoption was the best way forward, but for the moment being they “left it in God’s hands.” Years passed without them adopting a child.

Gracie, Parker, Beth, Marc and Will (JEREMY M. LANGE)

That particular day, someone called 911 complaining of serious abdominal pain. When Hadden and his associates arrived, they discovered that the abdominal discomfort experienced by the female was in fact labor pains. Within minutes, the lady started pushing inside the ambulance and gave birth right there.

“She struggled from the minute she was put in my hands,,” recalls Marc, who was administering emergency oxygen just seconds after birth to assist get the 6-lb. 2-oz. baby breathe alone. “It was amazing to hear her cry.”

At the hospital, just hours later, when the birth mother made it clear that she couldn’t care for her daughter, Marc was the first to raise his hand to take her as his own.

Beth says she remembers getting a phone call from Marc that day, saying “I delivered a baby.”

She answered jokingly, “Can we keep her?”

He answered, “I think she might be going up for adoption.”

Marc and Beth knew that this was the most strange and touching twist of destiny that could be imagined.

The unthinkable happened two days later. Watch the video above and get inspired by this happy twist of fate!

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