Sometimes life can be challenging. There are times when we think there is little hope and all we can do is believe God and pray to Him, ask His advice and assistance so we can get through anything we face.

Stacy and John Lemonds were worried about their house’s electrical wiring, especially with the quickly approaching cold winter. Their house had been around since the 1940s and their lights were not as functional as they had once been. But what most worried them was that their heat was no longer working.

In reality, after inspecting their meter, it was determined that they could not stay in the house until the issues were resolved because it was a huge fire hazard. The couple could only turn to their faith, being out of a job and out of money, and pray for some sort of miracle to assist them out in their situation.

Their prayers were replied by a text message sent by an electrician named Joshua Matthews, a veteran soldier who now worked at Dane Electric and had heard of their issues.

Stacy and John Lemonds were worried about their home’s electrical wiring because it could be a huge fire hazard. (YouTube/KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4)

The couple never went out to seek assistance and asked for prayers, but Joshua stepped up and said he was willing to assist out so that the couple could have a safe and comfortable winter.

He went to the home of the Lemonds to inspect their wiring. Joshua saw some important items that needed to be checked immediately and more thoroughly, so he suggested get OG&E to look better. On the same day, OG&E deemed the house a fire hazard due to all the problems related to home wiring.

The pair had to stay at a hotel as the wiring was getting fixed and fortunately, people from their church were generous enough to pay for their accommodation.

Although there was a lot to do, Joshua was determined to help the couple out. Joshua handled their wire replacement wherein, together with his friends, he invested a lot of time and effort to ensure that the Lemonds returned to a house safe from fire and comfortable enough for the cold season.

Joshua didn’t receive any compensation for his work. (YouTube/KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4)

His act of selflessness was an inspiring thing. Especially since Joshua wasn’t receiving any compensation for the hours of work he was bringing into the Lemonds house.

So a scheme was planned by the Lemonds. Stacy called Joshua to come back, staged in their house a fake “re-inspection” of the wiring and finally surprised him.

This exceptional man has a gold heart and you just have to see his story for yourself.

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